Welcome to SD University, Rajasthan

S D University is renowned for its academic excellence in sciences, management studies, computer application and many more. We offer a wide spectrum of programmes at Undergraduate and Post-graduate level in Management, Computer Application, Education, Physical Education,  and Commerce.

Our main goal at is to strive relentlessly for providing quality education and training in challenging fields, so as to empower our students to develop real life situations.

"Future is a great land;a man can't go around it in a day,he can't measure it with a bound;
he can't bind its harvest into a sigle sheaf it is wider than vision and has no end"

Ragging is strictly banned in SD University... we deal with velvet glove and iron fist

SD University
"Rajasthan has been the hub of education and S D University has played a vital role in this regard and is a good blend of academic excellence in diverse basic, applied and professional courses, and quality research. "
"In the era of globalization Higher Education has to face many challenges. Also, Indian Universities would have to compete at international level."

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